Best soundtracks of all time

If you are a fan of soundtrack music, then here are a few that you need to check out. These are a couple that you may not have had the opportunity to hear yet, and if you haven’t, then you are definitely in for a treat.

These are some of the best soundtracks to hit the market, but they are obscure enough that they could very easily have alluded your ears. So, have fun checking them out!


Composed by Gavin Greenaway, this soundtrack features a score that you will most definitely remember. From epic battle sequences to beautiful, picturesque soundscapes, you will love this soundtrack in it’s entirety. The scene from the end of the movie, where he dies in the arena, is an especially good piece of music that you will fall in love with.


Here is another sword fighting/action packed movie soundtrack that you will love. Featuring the basic components of a classic soundtrack, plus some extras (including some killer electric guitar pieces), this soundtrack is one that is riveting from beginning to end. Tyler Bates is mostly responsible for bringing us this epic album, and he did a spectacular job!

Halo 3

This may be a video game soundtrack, but it features some of the most amazing music you have ever heard! From the combined talents of Martin O’Donnell and Michael Salvatori comes a video game soundtrack and music score that is perhaps better than a lot of music soundtracks… and if you enjoy soundtrack music, you won’t even have to be a gamer to appreciate this music!

All of these soundtracks are amazing, and you will not regret checking out a single one. In fact, they might end up being your new favorites! How could that be a bad thing?

Two new albums to own

Ok, so a lot of new music has come out recently, but we are going to take a bit of time and talk about two albums that have really stood out to me as amazing. These are Paramore’s new cd “Brand new eyes” and the new Five for Fighting album, “Slice”. Both of these albums bring something special, and here are some brief thoughts on both.

Firstly, Five for Fighting, the one man band of singer-songwriter John Ondrasik, has released another amazing cd with “Slice”. Is it the best he has ever done? Well, lets say that some of the material on it is at least on par with some of the best he has released (100 Years, Superman).

As a whole, this is an album that is very, very listenable – it is touching, it will make you think, and it might even make you cry. If you love Five for Fighting, than this is an album that is a must own for you. John’s ballads of love, life, and reflection are never out of place, and “Slice” is just another chapter in the legacy of a fantastic, gifted songwriter.

Next, what about Paramore’s cd “Brand new eyes”? Well, as hard as it might be to top hits like “Decode” (as made popular by the movie Twilight), “That’s what you get”, and “Misery Business”, I think everyone stopped wondering when “Brick by Boring brick” hit their ears late in the year 2009.

Paramore has released a cd here that is every bit as strong as their last album, and while Hailey Williams is no longer sporting the red hair (it is blond now), there is no doubt here that Paramore has matured into a rock band that the music scene is going to be hearing a lot from. I do not think that Paramore is done, by any stretch of the imagination and I believe that “Brand new Eyes” is proof of this.

Converting Wma to Mp3 is not a Pain

There are a lot of people, who are very fond of different musical resources and like to choose songs of their beloved executors and composers. But sometimes it may take you so long to download the files, and then to make a CD where all the songs can be stored for a while!

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Review of Relient K’s new album, Forget and not Slow down

As most of you probably know, Relient K finally dropped their new album on us at the end of this year (2009). But how was it? A lot of people praised their previous work of art, “Five Score and Seven Years ago), which had some of the best Relient K tracks (in my opinion) that have ever come out… so, were they able to at least meet those expectations with Forget and Not slow down?

Well, with this new album, I am glad to say that Relient K has hit upon something… some kind of energy… that they have not had for a long time. But, what is different about this album, is that the energy is also accompanied by a more mature, thought out process, and is delivered through the medium of expertly written material. So, in a nutshell, this may be the BEST album that Relient K has ever put out, period!

My favorite track on the new Cd was “I don’t Need a soul”, and it is the sad, but still cheery, song that talks about a relationship in its many different complications. The key phrase to the song, “You and life remain beautiful”, shows us that Matthew Thiessen still has the ability to wield a pen with incredible control, and that he is one of the few people in the world who can really hit you hard inside, bypassing all of the emotional “armor” that we think we have built up around ourselves.

A lot of people believe that most of the material on the album (mostly composed by Thiessen), has to do with his recent breakup with his former fiancé. If this is true, then I can definitely see it… but who knows if it is? If it is, then I definitely can relate to him!

The fact is this… if you have ever enjoyed a thing that Relient K has ever done, you need to get this album. It is different than anything, in the way that it is BETTER than anything that Relient K has ever done. Two thumbs up for one of the best rock bands in the world!

Lady Gaga

If you love glamour pop with a flair for the “outlandish”, than you are going to love one of the top stars of 2009, Lady Gaga. Her smash hit single “Just dance”, earned her a key spot on the charts from where she propelled several other hits, including “Paparazzi”, and the well known hit “poker face”.

Her first full length album, called “The fame”, was actually released in August of 2008, but became one of the hottest records of 2009, mostly due to her late-blooming radio success across the globe. 2009 saw the lady of glamour smash records, rack up hits, and sell a ton of cds. She also made millions of fans while she was at it, causing ripples on the pop scene that are sure not to die down as she heads into 2010.

If you are looking for one of the most incredible albums of 2009, or love the interesting new sounds being made by Lady Gaga, then “The fame” is a cd that you will have to own to appreciate. The music is different, the approach is fresh, and you cannot say that this lady has no style –  whether it is YOUR style is for only you to say, but hey – it’s catching on!

Lady Gaga has won multiple awards already for her outstanding success in 2009, and 2010 may follow in these same steps. Though it is too early to tell, it looks as though Lady Gaga might be here to stay for awhile. And for anyone who enjoys hearing “poker face” on the radio, this is in no way a bad thing! So pick up her record, give her a listen, and see what you think. I think she has got something going on – even if it is hard to put a label on!

Shorter Music Production Courses in London

If you think short music production courses are less good than the full-length diploma programmes, you are absolutely mistaken. The best music production courses London has to offer now feature better syllabus and programmes in general, which is why even the 1-week courses are just as rewarding as the longer one.

The main difference between short and long music production courses is the way topics are delivered. Longer courses allow better balance between in-class discussions and practice. Shorter courses, on the other hand, mean students must be able to keep up with the faster learning pace and all-practice approach.

music production courses

Another main difference is the cost. Short courses are far more affordable; most of them cost no more than £2,000 and can be as affordable as £300. The moderate pricing makes music production courses more affordable to anyone.

Are short courses for me?

If a degree in music production is not what you need, short courses will work just fine. You can pick up the skills you need to become a truly capable music producer without spending too much time in school.

Shorter courses also work well for those who already have a career in music or music production and simply want to learn the basics properly.

Best Christmas albums

Are you looking for some great Christmas albums this year? Well, believe it or not, you do not have to turn to the new stuff coming out this year to have killer-good Christmas music at your party! You can easily find great albums that have already come out, that you have probably not thought of in awhile. Here are three that have probably escaped  your attention for this holiday season, so check them out!

Vince Guaraldi Trio – “A Charlie Brown Christmas”

This is, arguably, one of the best Christmas Cds to ever come out. When Lee Mendelson first heard of Vince Guaraldi, he had no idea that their collaboration would result in one of the most loved Christmas cds ever put out. Some of the compositions in this album are truly timeless, such as the tracks “Christmas time is here” and “Skating”.

Josh Groban – “Noel”

This cd came out in 2007 and sold 3.5 million copies, making it the hottest selling cd of the year and also causing it to spend five weeks at the number one spot on the charts. Josh Groban, who has already delivered several multi-platinum albums in his still-new career, has delivered a Christmas cd here that really defies interpretation… you must hear it to appreciate it!

Mannheim Steamroller – “Mannheim Steamroller Christmas”

In this album, you get to hear one of the greatest collaborations of all time play some of the greatest Christmas music ever produced. Mannheim Steamroller has now released eight platinum Christmas albums, making it one of the most successful Christmas collaborations ever conceived. And once you start listening, you will remember why Mannheim Steamroller is such a decorated collaboration… because it is simply brilliant!

Any of these albums will do you great for Christmas this year, and buy them all if you want all of the timeless Christmas music you can handle!

Review of Skillet’s new Album – Awake

With the task of following up their previous hit album, “Comatose”, Skillet has definitely made this new album a challenge for themselves. Can they really do it? – this is a question that a lot of people have been asking about the new album, and this question was finally answered when “Awake” dropped in the fall of 2009.

So, how does the new record stand up to previous projects that Skillet has put out? Well, lets just say that, in a lot of ways, Skillet has hit the nail on the head again.

In this album, it seems that Skillet has taken their music even farther down the road started on in Comatose. They have included more strings, heavy guitar riffs, and more background vocals (many of them performed by the new drummer, Jen Ledger… this is her debut recording with the group). Technically, and from a production point of view, Skillet could not have gotten it any better. The album is tight, technically sound, and produced to the maximum. If there is one thing that Skillet has gotten proficient at in their musical careers, it is releasing technically perfect records (quite a feat for a rock band such as Skillet to accomplish…).

Now, about the written material. In a lot of ways, this album was a first for Skillet in terms of new material as well. The two singles “Monster” and “Hero” showed us a small glimpse of what was to come, and we loved it. The rest of the album follows suit for the most part – though, it does perhaps lack some of the “finer” moments that we saw on Comatose. While all of the songs are catchy and driven, some of them just lack the intensity that we saw on songs like “The Last Night” from Comatose. Does this make the album any less than epic? Absolutely not. Skillet has dared to take us in an entire new direction with this album, and you can expect something different with Awake. It is alive – it is loud, it is in your face, but you will also find that it will identify with you –  and that is what Skillet is perhaps the best at.

Best Paramore music videos

If you like the punk-pop rock band Paramore, then you most definitely love their music videos. However, which ones are the best? They have several out there, but which ones have risen to the top as the most loved of the entire Paramore collection? Well, here are three that I think everyone will agree are Paramore’s best music videos. Enjoy!


This is one of the newer Paramore videos, but it is different in the way that most of it all takes place in one tiny room. It has a single light bulb hanging from the top, which creates a very unique music video setting. Also, get a look at Hailey’s awesome eye makeup in this video… she is definitely as stunning as she is talented… and her hair is still as RED as ever!

Misery Business

Misery Business is a music video that you will NOT forget after watching it. In the video, you follow this girl who is a total jerk as she ruins everyone’s lives around her. But when Hailey and the band meet up with her, the showdown is very climatic, and the results are very unexpected!

That’s what you get

This is probably not only the best music video ever done by Paramore, but one of the best music videos ever to be put out in the history of pop rock music videos. This video features Paramore hanging out with people, and also follows the lives of two people as they find out that they may, or may not, quite be as cut out for one another as they first thought. A terrific song, a terrific video, and the cutest lead singer around – hey, what more could you want?

Paramore – Thats What You Get (Official Video)

Also, Crush Crush Crush is a Paramore video that you should check out if you get the time.

10 best songs for Valentines day

Looking to add a few more romantic tunes to your Valentines day collection cd? Well, if romantic music is what you want, then there are a few songs that you should not leave home without! Here are some of the most romantic songs ever recorded. They are only a few, but they are titles that you have probably heard of, and you should not forget to include them on the ultimate Valentine cd!

“I could fall in love” by Selena. This track is simply breathtaking! Amazing for a slow dance.

“My heart will go on” by Celine Dion. You might recognize this one from “Titanic”.

“Can you feel the love tonight” by Elton John. A classic favorite that you will recognize from “The lion King”. For best results, get the radio version.

“Valentine” by Martina McBride
. If you have never heard this one, you have NOT lived Valentines as it should be! It is like Christmas without the Peanut’s soundtrack!

“Dying” by Five for Fighting. This is an enchanting song that is perfect for slow dancing, dinner, or even quite, romantic conversation!

“Here without youby Three doors down. This one is amazing if you like softer rock titles.

“When you’re gone” by Avril Lavigne. This one might make you cry, but it is such a romantic song!

“Underneath your clothes” by Shakira
. Perhaps a track that will make you blush a bit – but hey, what is Valentines about if you can’t do a little blushing, right?

“You and Me” by Lifehouse
. This is not only an amazing Valentines day song, but a fantastic wedding song too. Perfect for dancing!

“Wherever you will go” by the Calling
. Whether you like the band or not, this song will bring back memories.